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Terms and conditions

This document, which may also be referred to as “User Agreement” or “Agreement” throughout, is a legally binding agreement between individuals, businesses, and organizations (Users) and Madchat (, which may also be referred to as the “Website” or “Web-site” hereafter and the Madchat mobile application, which may also be referred to as the “App” or “Application” hereafter, both of which together may be referred to as “Services” throughout this agreement.

The terms “us”, “We”, and “ours” may also be used to refer to Madchat throughout, while the terms “you”, “your”, “User”, and “Visitor”, may be used to refer to all users of Madchat Services. The terms “Content” and “Contents” are used to refer to any materials made available via Madchat.

To access and use all services provided by Madchat you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age.

By using our Services you agree that you comply with the terms of this User Agreement, the Guidelines, and Rules. You also confirm that you agree with our Privacy Policy.

Adults only

We have placed this detail over and above all of our other terms because it is the most important. Madchat is only open to consenting adults looking to express themselves in the form of streaming video and messaging. We have zero tolerance for any minors on Madchat, whether such individuals are actually minors or pretending to be minors perhaps in a misguided attempt at role-play. Moreover, we have zero tolerance for any image or video of any minor being uploaded to or with our platform for any reason. Please be advised that we reserve the right to and do report each and every suspected minor to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and any and all other law enforcement agencies we feel appropriate. If you believe that a minor is using the site, we strongly request and encourage you to report each and every user he or she encounters which he or she believes or suspects to be under the age of 18. All reports are reviewed as quickly as we can. If you are a minor, you must immediately leave this site now. You are not legally permitted on Madchat for any reason, and if we find you on this site, we will report you to law enforcement as noted above. We will not reactivate you for any reason ever.


  • Under no circumstances may you create a fake account, pretend to be someone else, or create collective accounts. Users of our Services are here to become acquainted and communicate with real people.
  • Do not use or display any materials which belong to other people or are protected under copyright law including photos, videos, and other media.
  • Do not display or use pornographic or other unsavory materials while using our Services.
  • Should you share, display, or publish your contact or personal details openly on our Services they become accessible to other users and you immediately revoke the right to confidentiality.
  • Other users must be respected at all times. Do not publish or display any materials that may cause offense to other users personally, or to their religion, race, sexuality, nationality, etc.
  • Any illegal actions undertaken while using our Services may lead to your personal data being provided or forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.
  • Spam is forbidden from our Services at all time. Users who are found to spam other users of our Services, or attempt to sell goods, services, or themselves, will be banned indefinitely.
  • Respect the Rules at all times.

Any users found to infringe on the Guidelines mentioned above may receive a warning, have materials they have published removed, or have their account suspended either temporarily or indefinitely.


1. Please, respect other users at all times. It is forbidden to:

  • Use profanity of any kind, behave in an inappropriate manner, and offend other users through either actions or words.
  • Use the nationality, religion, sex, or race of a user in an attempt to offend.
  • Threaten other users in any way.

2. Vulgar or adult behavior is unacceptable. Users may not:

  • Display themselves while naked or wearing underwear only.
  • Show their naked torso without also displaying their face.
  • Move their webcam below their chest area.
  • Display or flash their genitals or other intimate parts of their body.
  • Touch their genitals in a sexual manner, even through their clothes.
  • Suggest or ask other users for virtual sex.
  • Use words or phrases that may have obscene, vulgar, or sexual context.
  • Make gestures or take any actions that might be considered obscene.

3. Using irrelevant images or videos instead of showing yourself is forbidden:

  • Do not turn your webcam to face the screen of your computer, mobile phone, tablet, or television.
  • Do not face your webcam towards still pictures or any other irrelevant images.
  • Do not face your webcam towards any text messages, books, or other forms of written text.
  • Do not use any webcam emulators or other software which helps you to broadcast irrelevant images and/or video instead of yourself.

4. All forms of spam are forbidden. You may not, at any time:

  • Broadcast or display advertising images or messages.
  • Send any external or third party links to other users.
  • Send bulk or repeated text messages.
  • Request other users to take part in or perform any actions on websites outside of Madchat and Madchat partners.

Should another user violate the Rules in your presence, you may:

  • Complain about the actions of another user along with an image and message. Based on the evidence, our moderators will make a decision on whether or not to ban the offender.
  • Should a user receive numerous complaints about the violation of Rules, system bans are in place to automatically ban offenders. System bans take into account numerous factors to avoid unfair bans or banning users by mistake.
  • It is essential that if another user violates the Rules or offends you in any way the issue is resolved by official complaint only. Do not attempt to resolve the issue by offending the other user in response or violating the Rules yourself. If you do, you become a violator also and are eligible to get banned.

We are continually working hard and putting a high focus on preventing any violation of our Rules and to punish users who continue to breach them. However, we cannot be held responsible for the actions of all users and cannot guarantee that all violators will be banned. When you complain and report against violators, you are helping us make Madchat a safer chat environment and helping us to find and remove all violators.

Gaining access to and using Services on Madchat

Registration and User Accounts:

  • Access to your User Account and use of our Services is gained through a login username and password or an Ethereum account (both of which may be referred to as “Credentials” or “User Credentials” hereafter) which is used to authenticate you as a genuine User for use of our Services. All Users bare full responsibility for the security of their User Credentials.
  • Without clear proof of fraud, any and all actions performed using your User Credentials are assumed and considered to have been performed by you.
  • The processing and storage of all personal information provided to Madchat by Users of our Services is undertaken by the terms described in our Privacy Policy.

Madchat reserves the right to stop (temporarily or for an indefinite period of time) functioning as a Service or to perform maintenance on one or several of our Services. We also reserve the right to alternate one or several of our Services:

  • For technical reasons such as issues with our servers, hardware or software malfunctions, hacker attacks, etc.
  • To perform updates to our hardware or software for the benefit of our Services and/or user experience.
  • In any case for legitimate reasons such as objections regarding privacy or legitimate objections regarding the content or maintenance of our Services.
  • If we decide a Service no longer has commercial reason for continuing operation.
  • Should any changes of services provided by us occurs.

Madchat does not specifically exclude cases when our Services may be unavailable (temporarily or for an infinite period of time) due to technical or maintenance issues. Our Service is not immune from viruses, hacker attacks, malfunctions of hardware and software, and other unexpected issues that are out of our control:

  • We do not take responsibility for any issues or harm, including material damage, experienced by Users of our Services due to technical reasons.
  • We do not take responsibility for any issues or harm experienced by Users of our Services which is caused by Internet or data malfunctions.
  • We promise to take any feasible actions to resume correct functionality of our Services in the case of any technical or maintenance issues.

User contents

You are responsible for owning all copyrights to materials you provide and for their Contents.

By providing Us with your Contents, you automatically grant Us with a non-exclusive, free, and termless global license to use these Contents in any way. This includes any changing of the Contents and the use of said Contents for commercial purposes.

The copyright for all Contents remain in the possession of the User who has provided them.

The copyright to all other Contents, including graphics, UI design, etc., found in our Services belongs to Us.

You agree not to provide any Contents that violate our Terms, Rules and Guidelines of Service, the rights of other Users, or may be viewed as obscene or offensive to others.

We reserve the right to delete, without prior notice or warning to the User, any Contents provided by Users that violate our Terms and Guidelines, Rules, or third parties’ copyrights.

We agree to comply with our Privacy Policy at all times.

External URLs

We reserve the right to place links to external websites and third party goods throughout our Services.

We attempt to provide links to respected third party sources only, however, we do not accept responsibility or liability for the content on third party websites, the security of your personal information privacy on such sites, or any actions you may take on external websites.

Termination of access

You reserve the right to delete your profile on our Services.

Any User who violates the Rules while using our Services, the terms of this User Agreement, may have access to our Services limited without any notice or obligation (financial or other) including:

  • The suspension or cancellation of a User’s registration (if the named exists) and/or a limit or restriction placed on a User’s access to our Services.
  • The right for Us to use any software, technical, legal, and other means to ensure these Terms are met (including, without any limitations, blocking certain IP addresses).

We attempt to notify all Users about any such restrictions, however, are not under obligation to do so.

Termination of access

Any incidents of abuse, violations of the Rules, and/or improper use of your copyright by other Users may be reported via email addresses, contact forms, and other methods of contact as presented in our Services.

Users who attempt to resolve any disputes with other Users of our Services by violating the Rules, terms of this Agreement or Privacy Policy, and/or by taking illegal actions such as inappropriate remarks to other Users are liable to have their access to our Services limited on a temporary or permanent basis.

Limitation of liability

We are not responsible for any actions taken by our Users while on our Services or for any of the Contents provided by them.

We do not accept any liability resulting from the use of our Services, including liability resulting from lawsuits, penalties, claims, damages, obligations, expenses of any nature and type including direct, indirect, occasional, penalties, and/or losses caused by negligence, service interruption, loss of data, hardware damage, loss of income, loss of opportunity, waste of office time, breaching of a contract, third party claims, or any other losses that may have been foreseen as those which may be caused due to or during the use of our Services. This liability limitation covers, but is not limited to, transmission of any software or viruses that may harm your hardware, cause malfunctions of mechanical or electrical hardware or of communication lines, other connection issues (such as impossibility of Internet access), unauthorized access, stealing, injury, property damage, operator errors, strikes or force majeure, including, but not limited to liability for loss of income, profits or contracts loss, loss of business, loss of anticipated savings, loss of goodwill, loss of data, loss of office time, and any other loss or damage of any kind.

You agree to protect Madchat and its employees from any and all claims of third parties and any losses and costs incurred from claims resulting from your personal actions while using our Services or due to Contents provided by you.


We reserve the right, without any prior notification to you, to amend or change the Rules and Guidelines, Privacy Policy, and this Agreement.

The most recent and up to date copies of the above documents are published on our Website.

Any amendments become active and valid from the moment the amended text is updated on the respective page on our Website or from a starting date indicated on our Website.

In some instances we may notify Users of amendments to documents, however, it is the responsibility of the User to regularly check the respective pages for updates.

Should you disagree with any terms outlined in this Agreement, you should stop using our Services with immediate effect. Continuing to use our Services after any amendments come into effect indicate you agree with all changes and the amended terms of this Agreement.